Minnesota Contract Dispute: Interrogatories

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Below is an example of interrogatories propounded on a defendant, which defendant must respond to during the discovery phase of a contract lawsuit filed in Hennepin County, in the state of Minnesota. These Interrogatories are made pursuant to Rule 33 of the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure, and defendant must give written answers or objections to each interrogatory within 30 days after service of the interrogatories, except that a defendant may serve answers or objections within 45 days after service of summons and complaint upon that defendant. To see the relevant hypothetical facts on which these example Interrogatories are based, look at the the Complaint.

Some Tips

  • The rule requires that you copy the interrogatory and put the answer below, however, the answer alone may also be acceptable.
  • When you are drafting a MNRCP Rule 37 Motion to Compel Answers to Interrogatories which you propounded, you should attach the interrogatory at issue and the other party's answer. This will result in the judge not needing to shuffle between documents, which will create 1) efficiency and 2) a happier judge (we hope).

Sample Interrogatories for Contract Dispute in Minnesota

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